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Nischa Heron Phair is an engaging guest and speaker who draws upon her rich and varied lived experience to warm hearts and blow minds with her story-telling and unconventional perspectives. She deftly navigates topics ranging from sex, death and pleasure to technology, education and embodiment philosophy, inspiring hosts and audiences alike as she shines new light on old shadows. As a lifelong writer and dancer who had to reteach herself how to write after a brain injury, she also has a great deal to contribute to conversations about the creative process and life as art.

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Recent Appearances

A few choice conversations from top-rated shows.

Sickboy Podcast

Nischa and the fellas hop down the rabbit hole of hierarchical stress, fawning in patient/practitioner dynamics and evolving beyond dualism to heal our world.

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Learn to Love

Zach Beach and Nischa deep dive into pleasure and safety in relationships. They also explore how fawning and people-pleasing prevent us from living and loving authentically.

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Turn Me On

Jeremie and Bryde talk to Nischa about fawning in contrast to people-pleasing. What purpose does fawning serve and how does it complicate consent? 

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